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How To Find Halal Pizza in London

Halal pizza can be hard to find in London, especially from regular pizza outlets. However, our team at London Pizza Depot has made your search much easier with our range of halal-certified pizzas available from our Ilford and Plaistow branches.

Halal pizza is a type of pizza that is permissible under Islamic dietary law. Halal is a set of foods that Muslims can eat, and haram are the foods they cannot eat, according to the tenets of their faith.

While it can be easy to find a halal butcher in London to buy whole cuts of meat from, things can become more tricky when it comes to more complex mixed foods, such as pizza. This is because pizza can have many different toppings that can be either halal or haram.

This is why the London Pizza Depot set out to create a comprehensive menu of delicious pizzas inspired by many different world cultures but ensuring that all meat toppings are completely halal-certified.

Halal-certified pizza ingredients

Our halal pizzas only contain halal ingredients, and we also cater for your vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free friends and family members. It is easy to speak to our in-house teams to discuss your needs and find your best options.

We want all of our customers to enjoy our unique, international flavour combinations. It can be reassuring to know that you can choose any pizza from our menu, and it will be guaranteed to be halal. We can show you our halal certification; you only need to ask!

Want some inspiration for your next pizza night? How about these tasty pizza options:

Mediterranean Mezze Pizza

If you are longing for the flavour experience of your last Mediterranean holiday, then look no further than our tantalising Mediterranean Mezze pizza!

Let our flavour combination take you back to that sunny holiday in the Med with tangy harissa sauce, feta cheese, earthy spinach, and delicious smoked chilli chargrilled veggies with a balsamic glaze.

Istanbul Doner Pizza

If you fancy something with a bit more of a spicy kick, then why not try our Istanbul Doner Pizza. Who would have thought combining a doner kebab with pizza would be such a winning combination?

This is an ideal choice when you and your friends cannot decide between pizza or a doner kebab because you can have the best of both worlds! Our pizza is a tasty combination of rich tomato sauce, fresh mozzarella cheese, spicy doner meat, red onion, hot green chilli pepper and spicy chilly sauce drizzle for an extra kick. And all of our pizza toppings are halal-certified.

We prepare our halal pizzas in accordance with sharia principles, which involves sourcing our meat ingredients that are produced to strict standards. For those unfamiliar with halal food rules, it is interesting to know that Muslims cannot eat pork products. This is why we substitute traditional pork pizza toppings with halal-certified chicken, turkey, beef or lamb alternatives.

We believe our customers don’t need to miss out on eating our range of delicious internationally-inspired pizzas simply because they heat halal. Why not browse our pizza menu and order a halal pizza today!

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