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What are the breakfast hours at Golden Corral: America’s #1 Buffet?

Discover the Golden Corral restaurant in North Carolina, which is buffet style, with tasty food and excellent value for money. This restaurant is ideal for you to dine after a day at the park or you are walking around the city, as you can eat at your leisure for a fair fixed price. Considered as America’s number 1 buffet, you get verities of food at affordable prices. It offers benefits for senior citizens and army veterans, as well as treats for kids. Check here for the latest Golden corral prices 2021.

What do you find at the golden corral restaurant?

The Golden Corral has a simple and cozy atmosphere, being one of the favorite restaurants of local residents and tourists. It is because it offers all kinds of food, focusing on American cuisine, which you can enjoy at your leisure for a fixed price of up to US$ 14.99 per person (the price is lower for children and visits at alternative times, excluding lunch and dinner, which can reach US$ 8). At the Golden Corral restaurant, you can find several dishes, as well as delicious desserts and drinks served in refills. It is the perfect option for those traveling in a group or wanting to eat well for little money. Golden Corral’s breakfast hours are relatively different from most traditional restaurants, as they are reserved especially for the weekend.

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For anyone waking up a little later in the day, or just in the mood for some tasty breakfast foods, you can visit Golden Corral at any time of day and get your breakfast ordered at that time. Early risers are in luck, as you can enjoy the Golden Corral breakfast from 7:30 am. Therefore, whether you are rushing to get some chores done or just want to treat the family to something good before a big day, the Golden Corral Breakfast hours are there for you.

Buffet breakfasts are available until 11:00 am on weekends as well, allowing even late risers to have plenty of time to come down and eat as much as they can. For dinner, Golden Corral offers standard dinnertime from 4 pm to 10.30 pm.  Once again, the amount of options you have for your dinner when choosing a Golden Corral Buffet is incredible (vegan and non-veg). All your favorite dishes are available. Dishes like ribs, sandwiches, steaks, fried chicken, wings and lasagna are just a few examples of the rich and varied menu available throughout the night.

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