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Belgian Fries: They’re not exactly French! 

Looking for fries in Montreal? You might want to check out the experts in making fries – Frite Alors Menu. The crispy exterior and the juicy and soft interior are to die for! It tastes amazing and makes you want to dip it into rich mayonnaise or ketchup. 

Belgian fries are not French, and there is a whole story behind them. 

We’re here to share some information about Belgian fries and the history behind them. If you’re a fan of fries, this article will help you choose the best one in Montreal. 

Belgium is known for its Rich & Succulent Food 

Belgium is well-known for its amazing food. You would find all kinds of dishes like waffles, chocolate, and fries. 

Since we’re here to talk about fries, you must know that although they are called, ‘French fries’, they were perfected by Belgians. 

It’s actually a Belgian invention, so you can’t really give the credit to the French people. 

There are many stories behind how the fries were invented, but it’s quite clear that they were perfected in Belgian. 

The Belgians cut the potatoes differently and fry them twice. That’s true! The potatoes are fried at a low temperature and then at a high temperature. This gives the fries the perfect crispy texture outside and smooth and gooey inside. 

The first bite takes you to heaven! 

Forget about etiquettes – Enjoy Your Fries 

There are certain foods that you can’t eat with your hand. It doesn’t look proper – that’s what people say! 

However, fries are something you can pick, dip into mayonnaise, and eat. 

You can’t just have one because they’re so addictive. 

Everyone feels like dipping the fries into mayo and enjoying it bit by bit. You don’t need etiquette to enjoy some fries. So, make sure you dig into some Belgian fries any time of the day. It could be lunch, dinner, or even snack time. 

Fork, spoon, chopsticks, and knife aren’t needed to enjoy fries. It’s finger food so you can thoroughly enjoy it at any part of the day without thinking about etiquette. 

Concluding Thoughts 

Belgian fries are not French, but they are tasty and quite satiating too. You can order fries as a side dish or you can simply enjoy a plate full of it with some mayo and soda. 

The beauty of Belgian fries is that you don’t need to think about what day it is! Simply order the fries and eat them guilt-free. 

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