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Food Trucks: Your Portable Restaurants

Food trucks are incredibly beautiful and popular. Some food trucks sell ice creams, others coffees, and some sell frozen or prepackaged food. 

Most food trucks have an onboard kitchen where they prepare food for guests. They are a great way of starting a restaurant business because they are very easy to install and incredibly inexpensive. 

Since they are totally portable, you can install them anywhere and move them easily from one spot to another. You can find all sorts of food items on food trucks, such as hamburgers, French fries, sandwiches, pizzas, pasta, and cakes, just to mention a few. Food trucks serving gourmet cuisine became popular in the early 2010s. 

Apart from food items, you can also find cold beverages of all kinds on food trucks. What’s even great is that you can rent food trucks for your personal and professional events. 

Riverside food truck rental services should be your go-to option if you are anywhere in the Great Montreal Area, especially near the Lachine Canal. 

If you want to make your function, perhaps a fundraiser event, more attractive to the audience, having a food truck there can have a very positive impact. 

Three Reasons for Renting/Having a Food Truck

Whether you want to rent a food truck, buy a new one, or make yourself one according to your choice, it will serve you exceptionally well in all cases. Here are three reasons for having or renting a food truck:

  • Mobility

Since they are totally portable, food trucks can be easily moved to any location of your choice. You wouldn’t even need to haul it with the help of other vehicles since it is its own vehicle as well! Just sit in your food truck and move it to any place, festival, park, or street you want. 

  • Spaciousness

They may look small, but they have plenty of space for the staff and customers. Multiple employees can work inside a food truck to ensure quicker service. 

  • Free Ad Space

You can have a food truck inside your restaurant as well and promote your restaurant on the exterior of the truck. If you design your food truck beautifully, people will take pictures with them and upload them on social media. In this way, you can also indirectly promote your restaurant for free. 


In a world where people love portable stuff, food trucks are among people’s absolute favorites. They are motorized portable vehicles that are customized for cooking, preparing, serving, and selling food. They can take the form of ice cream trucks or pop-up restaurants. They are portable, very easy to install and provide a great space for advertising your brand. 

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