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The Importance of Silicon Mats for Bakers 

Among the many baking tools, silicone mats have their own importance. Silicon mats offer a non-stick, even surface on regular baking sheets and are available in various sizes, shapes, and colors. They are easy to use. All you have to do is to put these mats on the regular sheets, add the dough to be baked and you will find awesome results. 

Your cookies or whatever you are baking will not stick to the base nor will burn at the bottom. Silicon mats are made using food-grade fiberglass and silicon to make the trays non-stick and insulated. These mats can withstand oven heat up to 475°F and still last for a longer period. Following are a few reasons explaining why a silicone baking mat is an important tool for baking:

  1. Reusability: Silicon mats last longer and show aging signs after being used more than two thousand times. This reusability makes these mats the most sought-after baking mats. Compared to high-quality parchment paper that can be reused only 3-4 times, and becomes soiled, crumbled, and greasy, these mats stay fresh without any bad odor. They are equally good for use as parchment sheets and also can be used for freezing items (everything from cookie dough to fruits and vegetables), and roasting vegetables. Just like parchment paper, you can use these mats also for rolling pie dough.  
  2. Enhances product Quality: Are you tired of that old and torn-off baking sheet? Start using silicon baking sheets that can enhance the quality of your cookies and other items. They help create smoother baking surfaces even if you use them on your old and awful baking sheets. Your cookies will get the proper brown bottom and that too without getting burned. Silicon mats will improve the quality of other items like pizza or cakes also. Cookies baked on silicon mats are crunchier and have a better shape. 
  3. Keep the Workplace Clean: While working in the kitchen, you will not like the whole platform to look messy especially on Sundays when you want to have some rest after cooking. You want to make something special on Sunday without taking much effort to clean your workstation. The best solution to your problem can be the use of silicone baking mats. Make biscuit or pizza dough, kneading it on a silicon mat is always a preferred way as it does not make a mess. Since these baking sheets can withstand heat more effectively, it helps in distributing the heat in caramel evenly helping them cool quickly. 
  4. Come with Helpful Guidelines: Silicon mats can prove a good guide, especially to those who are new to baking. You will find cooking instructions and measurements on some of these mats helping you distribute the cooking dough evenly or rolling out the pie dough properly. This is a good feature of these mats which no parchment paper will show.

There is no doubt that silicone baking mats are more versatile and can do baking more efficiently. Although a little higher in price if compared to parchment sheets, these mats can serve you for a longer time. If you also want to add these mats to your kitchen tools, you can contact Hot Stuff Bakeware, a company popular for making quality kitchen gear.    


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