A Complete List of Ingredients to Bake Crispy Cheese Pasta

Many people like to opt for ready-made meals when they do not have enough time to make one. But it is better to go for comfort foods when you have less time for cooking. Eating ready-made meals every day will not be beneficial for your health. So, quit getting ready-made meals from the commercial upright fridges and opt for homemade food more often. When it comes to comfort food suggestions, nothing can beat cheese pasta. Cheese pasta is a meal that all people like to devour. The best thing about cheese pasta is that it is easy to make at home. Besides, this meal does not require hours to cook. All you need is to mix up some ingredients, and you are good to go.


Another noticeable thing about cheese pasta is that you can change the ingredients depending upon your mood. You can change the items and make them like how you want them. Even though the items range has many varieties, still, some ingredients are a must in the cheese pasts. Read below to find out what you need in your pantry to make this meal.

A packet of macaroni:

The primary item of this meal is macaroni. As the name also suggests, this food is not complete without macaroni. You can choose any shape of pasta depending upon your desire or mood. One packet of pasta is enough for the serving of six persons. You can divide the packet into six portions and boil only one potion to make this food for yourself.

One cup of shredded Cheddar cheese:

After the first primary item, the next is cheese. This recipe is a combination of cheese and pasta along with other ingredients. The best type of cheese for this recipe is none other than cheddar cheese. You have to shred the cheese for this meal. One cup of shredded cheese will be enough for six persons serving. You can also change the quantity of cheese depending upon your desire. If you are a cheese lover, you should opt for more than one cup of cheese.

Ground beef or chicken:

You can make this meal with cheese, pasta, and some seasonings, but it will never hurt to add other items. You can enhance this baked dish with some ground beef or chicken. You can add some ground meat to level up this dish.

Bunch of seasonings:

No recipe is ever complete without the essential seasonings. Being a basic dish, it does not require many seasonings. But you need to add some herbs and spices to balance its taste. The essential seasonings you need are:

Ground black pepper

Salt (to taste)

Other than the above two spices, some herbs include:


Mustard powder

Cooking oil or unsalted butter:

Cooking oil or butter is also one of the essential items for this meal. Butter is more of a healthy option as compared to cooking oil. For butter, make sure you use unsalted butter.

Whole milk

Milk is also the main item in this meal as it helps you get a perfect consistency. In addition to milk, you also need to add all-purpose flour.


You can also add some bell peppers to enhance the taste of this recipe, or else the above are the only items you need

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