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3 Popular Arabian Cuisines in Dubai

Hey! It’s no wonder that Middle East cuisines have won the hearts of people globally because of their fresh, healthy and richly tasty dishes. No doubt, Arabian food is home to many regional cultures and thousands of dishes have been originating from here. There are wide Arab communities that have these rich, aromatic, healthy, wholesome and fresh meals. However, there are very few Arabian food lovers because very few people know about this food. Nevertheless, these Arabian dishes are mouth-watering ranging from savory meat-based meals to luscious desserts that you surely love tasting them. So if you are tired of eating Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Indian or any other then must try these appetizing meals. You cannot deny that they are bursting with flavor and spices. However, by eating Arabian you will not only get to know about its taste but get the chance to experience its unique flavors.

In addition, these are the quality items that have all its taste and unique feast in one go. Its traditional dishes include kibbeh, dolmas and fatayer whereas the modern classic is shawarma and kabsa which are something distinctive. So if you are an Arabian foodie then continue reading this article that will surely satisfy your cravings. 

1- Hummus 

Well, it is one of the popular food dishes in the Arab region that take up the place of your whole meal. Moreover, the dish had big daddy chickpeas that can be widely spread on anything like a burger, baked potato, or pita bread. Hence, you will surely like and love its endless taste. Further, you can try this hummus with more garlic flavor that will surely be eaten than before. Unlike others, it has a distinctive taste that will start to make you crave other things. Therefore, get set ready for your order just through one click from home to Noon Food voucher codes and avail yourself the opportunity to save big deals. 

2- Manakeesh 

The next food stop is Manakeesh which is lovable by everyone during their lunch time. Moreover, it is like round bread sprinkled with cheese, ground meat and herb. Thankfully, though, you can also make it an ideal choice for breakfast as well as for lunch. Luckily, it is available in a variety of flavors from fancy restaurants to street vendors. However, you can make it eat with any choice of roti, paratha or chapatti. So must try this unique food with any if your favorite flavor. 

3- Machbous 

Last but not least, it is of the popular dish in the Middle East prepared with lamb, fish and served rice. Moreover, it is the traditional food that is placed on the table when the whole family gathers. Not only this, you can take add this dish to supper and dinner time or can take it at a picnic with family or loved ones. You cannot doubt its delicious taste when added chicken or meat in it. So start making this impressive and exceptionally tasty dish for your coming guests, family members and friends. 

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