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What Are the Best Dips for Having Your Favorite Belgian Fries?

If you are looking out for an elevated ideal of American French fries, then super tasty Belgian fries is the answer. And these hot and crispy fries go best with dipping sauces that are served in various flavors and combos. The ideal dips are the ones which are airy, greaseless and serves your taste buds the best. Every palate comes with dips that are traditional garlicky or tofu-chili in flavor, which makes a perfect combination with fries. However, these dips aren’t just limited to these two flavors so let us explore the other dip ranges.

Classic Aioli

This is the most classic dip that you would ever find with your fries. It is going to make your Belgian fry a classic combo. The dip is simple and garlicky aioli that has both rich and smooth texture.


One would wonder about the basic difference aioli has with mayonnaise. This dip is cooked gently with the egg yolks and can be consumed raw without any concerns. You can always add the desired kick with an extra clove of garlic.

Roasted garlic chipotle mayonnaise

This mayo combination bears a thicker and stronger texture than the previous one. It has both deeper and richer flavors to soothe your taste buds. Being loaded with smoky chipotle, it comes together as a great combination to pair with your favorite fries.

Green goddess sauce

This classic sauce serving is going to elevate the flavor of your fries. It is amazingly combined with fresh herbs present in a creamy base, which enhances its taste more, and also brightens the salty fries. It is also a go-to solution with salmon or turkey sandwiches.

Sauce gribiche

It is a chunky mayonnaise dip that multiple eateries prefer to serve their customers with. This sauce is a combination of pickle, egg, and caper. Having your favorite fries with this dip is going to give you a whirl of flavours.

Soy chilli sauce

This is a very classic Asian form of a dip, which is combined with any form of fries. This dip has notes of soy, ginger, and garlic, and it is finally prepared into mayonnaise. It is also a great option for pairing with steamed dumplings and fried chicken wings.

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